Group Retirement Services

"Two-thirds of Canadians would switch jobs for a group savings plan."

- Benefits Canada, Oct 3rd, 2018​

Group Retirement Savings

The headline above says it all. Good people look for good employers.  We know that money is the leading stressor for 42% of Canadians, far above health, relationships, and work itself.

A good retirement plan is an integral part of a total compensation package for forward-thinking, people-focused organizations. It is invaluable in helping to retain, reward, and attract the best employees.

But retirement plans have changed – you aren’t limited to your Daddy’s DB Pension anymore! Along with variety comes a whole world of learning about the products your employees could benefit from the most – it’s not one size fits all.

You’re going to need some help with this . . . See what ENCOMPASS can do for you!

Do your fiduciary responsibilities keep you up at night? Did we lose you at fiduciary? You might think it’s boring, but we love plan governance!

You need a partner that can help you negotiate the complex landscape of group retirement plans—an expert that can help you understand your responsibilities and governance obligations as they affect your organization.

Think you’ve got this aced? Try these questions on for size . . .

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The ENCOMPASS GRS Checklist:

  • Do you want to help employees have adequate resources at retirement?
  • Do you have concerns about workforce management?
  • Do you want employees to have access to funds when they need it most?
  • What happens to funds contributed by the company if the employee leaves the organization after only a few years?
  • Do you know how much this will cost your organization in time, fees and contributions? Or what it will cost your employees?
  • Do you have a dedicated GRS specialist to help your employees with their investments and accounts?
  • Do you know how to maximize the tax efficiency of your plan?
  • Is your plan in compliance with pension and group retirement plan governance regulations and guidelines?
  • Are my members being provided adequate financial education to ensure they can make good, informed, investment choices?
  • Is your plan in line with industry standards?

It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to offer a great plan to your employees. You just need the right partner to get the job done and keep your plan running smoothly. As a broker, we provide you with the best service and the best provider.

You can rely on ENCOMPASS to add huge value to the plan you choose. As part of our service to clients, we go above and beyond what the retirement plan provider offers for:
  • GRS consulting and advisory services – our dedicated GRS department is at your service
  • Plan management and ongoing employee support 
  • Governance programs
  • Employee financial literacy plans – with customized education plans
  • Integrated financial advice and support (including one on one support for group members)
  • Fee transparency

Are you confident the plan you are providing will help your employees upon retirement? Is the benefit you’re offering in line with industry standards? Are you getting these essential services provided now? 

If not, what are you waiting for?


As an Independent Broker, not only do we shop the market for the best provider for your plan, we provide expert advice, governance, and counsel on all types of group retirement plans, including:

  • Group registered retirement savings plans
  • Deferred profit sharing plans
  • Defined benefit pension plans
  • Defined contribution pension plans
  • Target Benefit Pension Plans
  • Individual pensions plans
  • Retirement compensation arrangements
  • Employee share purchase plans
  • Tax free savings accounts

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