Wellness Evaluation (Health Risk Assessment)

Wellness Evaluation

As we continue to see the increase of health costs, more and more businesses are choosing to implement proactive solutions to improving the health and wellness of their employees. ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solutions Inc. collaborates with companies and wellness specialists to determine the most effective path to achieving a healthy and happy workforce.

Once a company decides to implement a health and wellness program, the first step is a thorough Wellness Evaluation, often referred to as a Health Risk Assessment. A Wellness Evaluation is a series of questions designed to evaluate employees' current health status and lifestyle. The information collected from these assessments helps to evaluated the degree of risk present for stress, ergonomic disorders, chronic diseases (i.e. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, smoking-related diseases, etc.), unhealthy habits and opportunities for corporate and employee health and wellness improvements.

After evaluation, ENCOMPASS Benefits and HR Solutions can assist in developing a comprehensive corporate wellness program designed to address the major issues indicated by the Wellness Evaluation.

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