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To whom it may concern:

I am happy to provide a letter of recommendation for ENCOMPASS Benefits.

Studio 9 has worked with ENCOMPASS Bene!ts as our benefits consultant for a few years now and we have found ENCOMPASS to be an excellent partner. We moved to ENCOMPASS for several reasons. A major one was the interest they showed in providing a service and the attention to detail as they discussed our specific needs. Another major factor is their deep interest in our local community and the willingness to reinvested in the Central Okanagan causes and culture. Working with the ENCOMPASS team feels like working with members of our own team, they seem to understand us and they are always on our side, doing their best on our behalf.

Though ENCOMPASS has helped us minimize our costs, our service has never suffered. They always respond quickly and professionally to our questions and requests. They provide regular reports and information to us that we never received before working with them. This new information allows us to make better decisions regarding our benefits.

Anyone that is looking for top quality expertise, professional support, and excellent service from their benefits consultant will be happy that they chose to work with ENCOMPASS Benefits. I know that we are.

Yours truly,

Mike Guzzi
Studio 9

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To whom it may concern:

Graycon needed to integrate a second, substantially different, benefits plan into our organization. We asked ENCOMPASS Benefits to assist us. It was a big project. When we were done, the team at ENCOMPASS had creatively designed, and helped us implement, an integrated plan that satisfied all the philosophical and financial objectives we had stated at the outset. Both our management and our employees were happy with the resulting new benefits plan.

The unique advantage we find when working with ENCOMPASS is that it feels like they are on our side, part of our team, working with us to solve problems.

Their team approach ensures that there is always someone to work with us when we need assistance, and their service is always professional, fast and friendly.

We would not hesitate to recommend ENCOMPASS to any organization that desires to work with a professional, creative, and caring consulting firm for their benefits and retirement savings plan.

Chris Beatty
Former Director, Human Resources
Graycon Group (A Division of Ricoh Canada)

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August 27, 2012

To whom it may concern:

We are pleased to provide a referral letter for ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solutions Inc.

Our association plan has over 1,250 members and 250 different employers (from 1 to 120+ employees) who span all across Canada, from BC to the Maritimes. We have several regional plan administrators (not at head office) that support their unique employer group which required ENCOMPASS Benefits to develop various administration policies and procedures.

As independent brokers, we have found ENCOMPASS Benefits to have a very keen awareness of the group insurance market. As they specialize in this area of insurance, we have grown to appreciate their industry knowledge and keeping us informed to ensure our plan is legislatively compliant and that we provide financial protection for our staff.

Our needs were unique and extensive during the marketing and carrier change period. ENCOMPASS worked tirelessly to ensure all the staff were accurately enrolled, coverage details were properly in place and all systems were working for all parties – the administration teams, all employers, retirees and employees.

Through their insightful and thorough recommendations, we have managed to remain fiscally sound and have been able to service our 250+ employers fully. There are regular claims issues that arise, but ENCOMPASS is able to resolve the issues quickly.

They also keep the carriers in check. They will ensure our business needs are met first and have the negotiating ability to push something through that we, on our own would not be able to. We do feel like they work for us, not the carrier. On other occasions, if we are heading down a path that is not in our or our employee groups’ best interests, they will tell us straight up. We appreciate their candid, yet respectful counsel that has benefited us greatly.

We truly enjoy working with the staff and highly recommend them. Moving to ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solutions Inc. was a good decision that we made, and we have no regrets.

Charlene Hildebrand
Benefits & Payroll
Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches

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We have had a long partnership with ENCOMPASS – one that started over 15 years ago. Through the years, they have helped us in so many ways. We have our group insurance, specialty coverage, EFAP, Pension and RRSP plans through them. We rely on their expertise to ensure each of these areas is fully taken care of every day of the year.

Their reporting is top notch….it includes experience reports, ASO activity, relevant industry information and trends, service reports, detailed claims analysis, and market data to ensure our competitiveness in our industry but to also watch our bottom line.

With respect to service, we continually experience ENCOMPASS Benefits’ dedicated commitment. Their response times are always very prompt and they have taken the burden off us with respect to many issues – to many to count. They always report back to ensure we know the project or concerns have been resolved.

Our company has between 725-825 employees but is very complex with five unique cost centers (manufacturing plants) in five locations across three provinces. There are five separate collective agreements with special benefit arrangements that require very detailed handling. This requires multiple classes, billing divisions, plan administrators and various levels of authorization throughout our organization. ENCOMPASS keeps us on track and ensures all amendments are accurate and booklets/policies are updated.

We recently went through the process of a carrier RFP and ENCOMPASS was key to merging our benefit policies into one corporate plan. This was an extensive process but will save our organization significant resources over the next several years.

Our organization has benefited from having ENCOMPASS Benefits be our business partner and we would not hesitate to recommend them – they truly are educated and dedicated in their areas of expertise.

Linda Tudor
Corporate Controller
Champion Canada International ULC

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We first started working with ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solutions Inc. in 2007. At that time, we were three unique business entities in the process of a complicated merger. We engaged ENCOMPASSto assist us in blending our three different companies’ benefits policies into one plan design. We had several classes, divisions, union contracts, carriers and stakeholders that first required a thorough understanding and then strategic stickhandling to ensure a solid, competitive plan was in place to move the entire organization forward.

ENCOMPASS Benefits then conducted a full market survey, utilized specialty carriers, helped us change our underwriting arrangements and saved us significant amount of money, allowing us to continue supporting our employees with a very good benefits plan.

Our financial institution today has over 650 employees and 21 unique geographic locations. We have unique classes of benefits for our union employees, exempt staff, senior management, directors, contractors and retirees. Our generous and flexible benefit plan is one of the reasons why we have placed in AON/Hewitt’s Canada’s 50 Best Employers two years in a row.

ENCOMPASS has through the years assisted us with employee education, communication and promotion of our benefit plans, supported our HR department with strategic counsel on difficult claim matters, disability claim issuesand policy development. They also assist us during collective bargaining and keep us updated on applicable legislation to ensure compliance.

While there are alternatives available, we have experienced an incredible level of value from the ENCOMPASSteam and would recommend them to any company seeking this same level of service and results.

Bruno Dragani
VP - Chief People and Administration Officer
Coastal Community Credit Union

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It has been our pleasure working with your team for the past several years. Your service has been exceptional and your team has the ability to work with the complexity of a global company and the agility to match.

We have appreciated you finding solutions for our ever changing and increasing business needs. You have gone above and beyond for us responding to emails at all hours of the day, night and weekends! We have seen our ASO balance move from being in the red to a healthy position in the black since you started working with us. Your long term vision and planning is valued compared to simply a short term mindset.

You have provided friendly, consistent and accurate support in so many areas:

  • Marketing and renewals of our main group benefits plan (including assertive negotiations with the carriers when needed)
  • All sorts of claim inquiries and enrolment challenges
  • Our retirement savings plan and EFAP
  • Ex-patriot coverage and specialty carriers
  • Union negotiations - counsel and pricing during collective bargaining
  • Research and cost comparison of US resident/worker coverage

We appreciate your objectivity as it relates to the potential carriers, giving us full confidence that we do have the best carriers for our particular requirements. Your knowledgeable insight in group insurance realm truly helps us understand the issues and make informed decisions. We know you “go to bat” for us when we need.

We appreciate your professionalism and diplomacy combined with the ability to work with multiple levels of our organization, from CFO and Director of Human Resources to Human Resource Generalists and the employee.

You provide this extra service at no extra cost unlike our previous consulting firms. We openly discussed your fees coming in, reviewed them after several years and had clear conversations about them. Thank you for this integrity.

All said and done, we are very pleased with the service and support your firm provides and have no hesitation to recommend you to any company.


Barbara Keys
Former CFO
WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

City of West Kelowna View Original

Our organization has been with ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solution Inc. since our start as a separate municipality in 2008, as many of our staff transitioned from the Regional District of the Central Okanagan. Early on, ENCOMPASS led us through the transition very smoothly by carefully working with our carrier to ensure we were properly insured with a solid lineup of benefits very quickly.

Since that time, we have appointed ENCOMPASS as agent on other group insurance plans including our firefighters and after a complete market survey, blended them into our main carrier as well. ENCOMPASS also recommended us to change our underwriting arrangements as we grew to a sustainable level with predictable claim trends and the long term rewards became large enough.

We also recently went through a marketing process led by ENCOMPASS whereby we saved thousands of dollars for our employees and local tax payers. All the while, we were able to continue the service we received from our current carrier….we didn’t have to change carriers to reap the savings.

ENCOMPASS consistently “wows” us with their fast, accurate and friendly service. When we want something, they work diligently to get us the information and counsel we need. Although we know we are not their only client, they service us and make us feel like we are. This includes problems with claims, employees who have disability challenges, benefit change pricing, enrolment concerns and anything else that relates to our group benefit plans. Their HR support and counsel also adds a very unique value to our relationship which has been critical for us.

To be honest, we could not ask for a better consulting firm, as the entire ENCOMPASS Benefits team has proven to support us thoroughly at every turn. We have always experienced them lookingafter our best interests only. We enjoy working with them as they are not only local, but have the depth and bench strength to do everything that is required for aflex plan design in a multi-faceted, constantly changing organization. We certainly would recommend their services to anyone who wants a long term partner.


Karen Norris
Former Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
City of West Kelowna

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We are pleased to provide a strong business reference for ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solution Inc. as consultants for our organization.

Prior to appointing ENCOMPASS as our advisor, we were dealing directly with multiple insurance carriers/providers and believed we were getting the needed support. In hindsight, we were actually not.

When ENCOMPASS Benefits came in, they conducted a thorough analysis of our plan, marketed our multiple policies to the entire Canadian field of carriers, merged the plan into one preferred provider and set us up on a much better system.

Since that time, we have moved some of our benefits from insured to self-insured, saving thousands of dollars which has allowed us and our employees to afford our competitive plan for the past many years.

During each year, ENCOMPASS continues to support us and our staff fervently whenever we need on administrative or technical issues. Their commitment to us, creative solutions and insightful HR counsel has positioned their firm to be a strategic partner with our organization.

If you are looking for a professional business partner to elevate the effectiveness of your group benefit plans and ensure they are managed as efficiently as possible, we highly recommend calling ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solutions Inc.


Barbara Drake
Former Human Resources Manager
Okanagan Regional Library

Regional District of Central Okanagan View Original

It has been our pleasure working with the ENCOMPASS Benefits staff as we have engaged their consulting services for over 15 years.

They have assisted us with the provision of benefits to our employees and have worked to recommend only what they feel is in our long term best interests.

We try to ensure that we offer the best value of plans to our staff at the best cost possible. The advisors keep us updated on what is new in the industry and what options are available to support our employees within our budget restraints.

We appreciate the ENCOMPASS staff as they provide friendly and professional support on customer support issues.

We would recommend their services and trust others would receive the same level of support.


Marilyn Rilkoff
Director of Finance & Administration
Regional District of Central Okanagan