Today’s Retirement Planning – Tomorrow’s Security

Retirement Savings Plans

Stock market volatility and turmoil in the economy over the past two years have exposed weaknesses in our current economic system. The amount Canadians are investing in personal retirement savings has been in decline for the past two decades. Fewer than one in four Canadians now holds a private company pension plan. But you can help change that for your employees, providing economic stability for their families in the future, and greater staff loyalty and productivity for your company today.

Retirement Plans

ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Consultants assist prudent employers help their workers in preparing for the future. A plan to meet your needs can be selected from a wealth of programs:

  • Defined Benefit Pensions
  • Group RRSP's
  • Share Purchase Plans
  • Money Purchase Pensions
  • Terminal Funding
  • Retirement Allowances
  • Actuarial Evaluation
  • Deferred Profit Sharing Plans

Over 20 insurance companies, banks and trust companies and 2,000 mutual funds are available to you through ENCOMPASS Benefits.

Executive Compensation Plans

Executives are the primary ingredients in every successful firm. Every day they make the decisions that determine the bottom line profitability and future of the firm.. But many benefit programs and compensation packages actually discriminate against these key individuals through inadequate insurance and high taxes.

An executive compensation program must be designed to attract and retain the very best individuals. A right combination of salary, benefits and retirement savings will ensure the lowest possible tax deductions and fair remuneration.

For business owners, the right compensation program can maximize your after-tax income now and be an integral part of your Succession Plan in the future. ENCOMPASS Benefits and HR Solutions will help you explore these concepts:

  • Individual Pension Plans
  • Share Purchase Programs
  • Retirement Compensation Arrangements
  • Executive Life and Disability Plans
  • Deferred Profit Sharing Plans
  • Cost-Plus Plans for Health Expenses
  • Flex Benefit Plans
  • Health Spending Accounts

Maximizing profits and retaining as much of that money as possible is vital. Let ENCOMPASS Benefits help you attain that goal.