Recruitment - Raising the Bar in HR


How do you sort through all the resumes and select the one that will best fit your vacant role and your company? Many experienced managers believe it is best to trust their gut feeling, other managers are sold on objective and systematic scoring of resumes based on predetermined, specific criteria.

Some base their decision solely on the referral of a trusted colleague or relative. It has been said that managers hire on competence but fire on fit. This article will suggest some tools for recruitment that will help to Raise the Bar in HR for your company.

Well, what is the right answer? At ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solutions Inc. we are convinced that selecting the right candidate is an art that can be enhanced significantly by objective screening methods. More and more, companies we work with are becoming keenly aware that the cost of having to terminate someone is far greater than the cost of doing a full and proper screening at the front end - before making the job offer. Here are three tools that are standard procedures in all our recruitment projects. Each has its own unique benefit. Together they can greatly increase your company's success at finding the right person for each job and help you avoid hiring the wrong one.

The Prevue Assessment is a program that objectively and statistically evaluates a person in the areas of skill/knowledge, interests/motivations and personality traits. You will create a profile or benchmark of your ideal candidate. The Prevue then provides an assessment of the candidate's overall job suitability, based on a percentage figure. You will also learn whether the candidate will like the daily tasks of the position and whether they have the ideal personality, based on 13 different types.

The Chameleon Communicator is a versatile tool that reveals a candidate's significant behavioral tendencies and insights into his/her communication styles. This tool is also significantly helpful later for Organizational Development and Team Building, as you and your new employee both learn how to communicate effectively with each other and the rest of your staff - and how not to! You can learn the ideal work environment for each person, enabling you to fully utilize your worker's talents and energies.

Ever hired someone that you later wished you hadn't, after learning more about his or her personal background? The BackCheck program will reduce employee turnover, fraud and internal theft by providing a thorough review of an applicant's history including a Criminal Record Check, Credit Inquiry, Education Verification and three Investigative Reference Interviews. BackCheck is cost-effective, easy to use, objective and legally compliant with results usually provided in 24-48 hours.

At ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solutions Inc. our Recruitment Specialists will help you find the best candidates for your organization, saving you time and frustration in the short and long term. The valuable information we gather will help you build and support your valued staff team. For sample reports or for support on your recruitment projects, please contact us today.