Celiac Medical Expenses for Tax Deductions

For people living with Celiac Disease, you will be happy to know that the Canada Revenue Agency does allow a tax deduction for the purchase of gluten free products.

The Canada Revenue Agency has all the information needed on their website.

Here is a summary:

  • The incremental cost of Gluten-free (GF) products is an eligible medical expense.
  • Eligible products are generally marketed specifically to the gluten free diet
  • The gluten free tax deduction is only eligible with  a medical note with diagnosis of Celiac Disease.
  • A summary of each purchase of gluten free products must be kept
  • A receipt for each purchase must be kept as well.

Please note: You can claim the difference between regular food and celiac equivalent.

Click here to read more about the medical expense from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Click here to download a sample worksheet for the Celiac Expense.

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