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Human Resources

Business owners and managers clearly understand that people are their best asset. However, many struggle with how best to recruit, develop and retain their employees. Organizational development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, staffing, training and development, collective bargaining and health & safety concerns are becoming more challenging and taking up more time. Even large corporations with their own Human Resources staff may not be fully equipped to handle many of these issues themselves.

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Recruitment - Raising the Bar in HR

How do you sort through all the resumes and select the one that will best fit your vacant role and your company? Many experienced managers believe it is best to trust their gut feeling, other managers are sold on objective and systematic scoring of resumes based on predetermined, specific criteria.

Disability & Absence Management

Disability benefits now make up nearly one-half of the insurance costs for your employees. Did you know:

Competitive Compensation

You’ve found the perfect hire..but they decline the employment offer. Or you’ve hired the ideal candidate…and see them leave after 6 months. Time, money and effort have been invested in your recruitment practices, only to fall short when it counts.