Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness

If you are a business owner or manager concerned about the health of your workplace, the wellness of your employees and the connection to your bottom line, ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solutions Inc. can show you how best to manage and reduce the business impact of absenteeism, presenteeism, short-term and long-term disability costs and associated benefit claims.

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Employee & Family Assistance Programs

Employee and Family Assistance programs

Employees are a vital resource of an organization. If employees are troubled by personal and/or work-related difficulties they may not be working productively or efficiently. A recent Canadian study revealed that mental health claims are the fastest growing category of disability costs in Canada, overtaking cardiovascular disease. Workplaces across industries are challenged to find the right support at the right time.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

The objective of corporate wellness programs is to address all dimensions of employee health issues such as stress, nutrition, physical fitness, disease and illnesses. In many cases, employee education and awareness of these issues goes a long way toward changing unhealthy behaviours. Proactive prevention is much less costly than treatment.

Wellness Evaluation (Health Risk Assessment)

Wellness Evaluation

As we continue to see the increase of health costs, more and more businesses are choosing to implement proactive solutions to improving the health and wellness of their employees. ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Solutions Inc. collaborates with companies and wellness specialists to determine the most effective path to achieving a healthy and happy workforce.