Employee Benefits Plans

Successful benefit plans typically have two basic goals:

  • Assisting the employer in achieving corporate goals (usually providing a comprehensive and competitive package while managing costs).
  • Providing for employees through tax free compensation and assisting with the family’s security and financial support.

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Group Benefits Overview

We understand that your business is unique; whether you have ten or thousands of people working for you. Group Benefits typically include life, disability, health, and dental insurance coverage and many include other benefits such as Accidental Death and Critical Illness insurance, Health Spending Accounts and wellness programs. The advantage to the employer is that these benefits attract and retain quality employees. When corporations aim to acquire top employee talent they often are drawn to provide a superior employee benefits package.

Flex Benefit Plans

What are Flexible Benefit Plans?

Traditional Group Insurance plans developed in the 1960’s and remained relatively unchanged for thirty years. They provide the same coverage to all employees, usually on a compulsory basis. They offer the advantages of equal benefits for all staff, relatively simple administration, they are easy for employees to understand and offer the lowest cost possible. The disadvantage is that employees vary widely in their use of the plan and therefore the value they place on it.

Extended Health Care

Extended Health Care benefits, also referred to as major medical benefits, are designed to supplement existing provincial hospital and medical insurance plans.

The benefit provides for reimbursement of expenses and services not covered by existing government plans.