Employee Benefits Plans

Successful benefit plans typically have two basic goals:

  • Assisting the employer in achieving corporate goals (usually providing a comprehensive and competitive package while managing costs).
  • Providing for employees through tax free compensation and assisting with the family‚Äôs security and financial support.

Many benefit programs evolve without examining how they will best meet the above criteria.

Employee Benefits have undergone considerable changes over the past twenty years. This evolution results from demographic changes, government programs and the needs of employees. We anticipate seeing even greater challenges in the next few years.

ENCOMPASS Employee Benefits and HR Solutions built by providing superior consulting services to employers across Canada. We currently work with several hundred clients ranging in size from 10 employees to over 5000. As independent consultants we can and do place business with all insurance companies that insure employee benefits.

ENCOMPASS can assist you in the following areas:

  • Audits and Marketing Reviews
  • Benefit Program Design
  • Selection of Insurers
  • Employee Communications
  • Cost Containment Measures
  • Claims Service & Support
  • Industry Standards for Benefits
  • Administrative Support Systems
  • Electronic Delivery Systems
  • Superior Funding Arrangements
  • Flex Plans
  • Retention Accounting
  • Inflationary Trend Analysis
  • Self-Insured ASO

Benefit programs need to be designed for your best interests as an employer, not the interests of an insurance company. ENCOMPASS ensures that your corporate interests, goals and budgets are best utilized.