Disability & Absence Management

Disability & Absence Management

Disability benefits now make up nearly one-half of the insurance costs for your employees. Did you know:

  • The average annual premium per employee was $785 for WCB, $492 for Long Term Disability, and $335 for Short Term Disability coverage.
  • Stress and psychiatric disorders make up 35% of all disability claims.
  • The hidden costs of disability (lost productivity, absenteeism) are estimated to cost Canadian employers $30 billion a year.
  • Canadian workers lost an average of 9.1 work days to disability in recent studies. B.C. employees had the highest absenteeism at 10.5 days. (source - Stats Canada)

ENCOMPASS Benefits & HR Consultants works closely with employers to limit this impact on their company. An effective plan has two key elements:

Absenteeism Prevention - creating an environment and implementing procedures to:

  • Limit absences to valid reasons only.
  • Create an atmosphere that encourages employees to limit their absences.
  • Early intervention and assistance for at-risk employees.
  • Reduction of at-work causes of disability.
  • Revision of group plan.

Disability Management - when an employee actually becomes disabled, these actions can reduce the actual cost of the disability and return the employee to work faster:

  • Early intervention.
  • Rehabilitation - Physician and Vocational.
  • Graduated return to work.
  • Modification of job duties and ergonomic changes.
  • Integration with other programs (CPP, etc).

Let ENCOMPASS help you increase productivity and manage your time lost. If you would like further information on these programs, contact us.