Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

The objective of corporate wellness programs is to address all dimensions of employee health issues such as stress, nutrition, physical fitness, disease and illnesses. In many cases, employee education and awareness of these issues goes a long way toward changing unhealthy behaviours. Proactive prevention is much less costly than treatment.

Ultimately, healthy employees support a healthy business. Our goal at ENCOMPASS Benefits and HR Solutions is to make it easy for your business and your employees to achieve health and wellness. But how much responsibility should an employer take when it comes to employee health and wellness?

It is common for companies to think that an employee's food selections and exercise routines (or lack of) are their employees' private and personal choices. While this may be true, when a 51 year old, overweight, inactive, smoking employee suffers a major heart attack, it then becomes the company's issue as well. This employee could be off work for several months and the company's benefit rates could increase significantly due to the claim.

Many health issues, illnesses and disease are related to lifestyle choices. By implementing a corporate wellness program, a company may experience cost savings through decreased use of health care benefits, decreased absenteeism, accidents and injuries, and reduced employee turnover.

ENCOMPASS Benefits and HR Solutions will partner with you to assess your current health risk factors (using a Health Risk Assessment), develop measurable goals, create a comprehensive plan for your corporate wellness program and assist with implementation and evaluation. To get started on creating a corporate wellness program that works for your business, contact us today.